Scales are for Mermaids

Scales are For Mermaids

A lot of people tell me they use their bathroom scale to “keep in check”. But..why? The human body changes and fluctuates and that’s normal! The goal is not to achieve some arbitrary number or generic weight recommendation. The way I see it, the scale is just one more way to look OUTSIDE of yourself to determine how you feel, what you should or shouldn’t eat, or how you should move your body.

It’s time to question if the scale is truly serving you. Does it really tell you anything important? Should it really make or break your day? Why do you feel the need to be a certain “number” or look a certain way?

Let’s stop letting unhealthy beauty standards ruin your life.

How about we start listening to our body and what it has to say? It will give you plenty of useful information if we actually listen to it. Because’s not about weight or size. Period. 🍒🍊🍕🍗🌮🍋

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